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What's in it for you, Dear reader?

Dear reader you can enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that this ant is 'out there' going 'hell-for-leather' to get these 'fat-cat' R billionaire Directors and Shareholders and their agents and their ELEPHANT (Public Company), that they ride, Prosecuted. And you can experience this satisfaction in a totally anomalous way (or if you want to, if you agree to it in writing, you can share with this ant by agreeing that I can use your name, along with mine, when I approach the Authorities to Prosecute)

Dear reader, what I am trying to achieve is to gather together 1 million people who support me in my endevour to Prosecute these Directors and Shareholders and their agents and this ELEPHANT (Public Company) that they ride. Dear reader, if you will support me I promise not to disclose your name and details, if you so desire. You can just 'tick the box' and E-mail me back and I will treat your 'tick' as anonymous.

Tthat if a Crime has been committed then Prosecution should take place. I support this initiative on the understanding that my support is anonymous. My name and details will not be used or disclosed unless I supply my written consent/permission.

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